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Summary of the February 22@Update Breakfast
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New business opportunities in mobile applications

Mobile communications and their applications in the business and private worlds is a highly dynamic universe that is constantly in flux. Mobil devices with Internet access, geo-localization, cameras and other options offer continuous opportunities to create a new, ever-increasing world of possibilities.

The February 22@Update Breakfast took place in the auditorium at the Diagonal 00 Telefónica Tower, coinciding with the Barcelona Mobile Congress held at the Barcelona Fairgrounds from 27 February to 1 March. This event was, once again, considered an important opportunity for the city, especially as Barcelona is preparing for the great opportunity of becoming the first Mobile World Capital, from 2013 through 2018.

The February Breakfast featured Oriol Ribera, head of R&D Institutional Relations for Telefónica Digital, and Ginés Alarcón, president of CTecno Foundation. Joaquim Olivé, vice-president of the 22@Network presented the program and Ramon Salabert, CEO of Telefónica in Catalonia, welcomed participants to the event. To start off, Salabert referred to the first anniversary of Telefónica’s new building in the Forum area. After 35 years at their previous location on Av. de Roma, the new headquarters has provided renovated spaces for the company and “a good opportunity to work in this global showcase” which is a hub for new technology. Salabert highlighted the importance of the Mobile Congress and Telefónica’s contributions to Barcelona’s bid to be the Mobile World Capital.

Telefónica aims to be “a key player for anyone who has a project”

The new Telefónica building on Av. Diagonal, inaugurated on 12 January 2011, is a 110-meter skyscraper that welcomes thousands of workers from around the world. “English is the vehicular language of the delegation,” explained Salabert, “and their activity specifically focuses on research in the multimedia arena.” Ramon Salabert invited researchers to Telefónica’s new building. The CEO highlighted the company’s vocation to be a hub for projects and encouraged entrepreneurs in the field of digital telephone communications to join a network that brings new initiatives to light. Salabert explained that Telefónica aims to be “a key player for anyone who has a project. The company is open to backing initiatives with a future,” he said.

Joaquim Oliva, vice-president of the22@Network, then introduced Oriol Ribera, head of R&D Institutional Relations for Telefónica Digital, who spoke about the vision this organization has of the future and explained the different lines of research and development of mobile and multimedia applications the company is currently focusing on. The Head of R&D Institutional Relations explained the new meaning telephone communication can bring to the current state of the region. Oriol Ribera spoke about his area’s work plan and his responsibilities.

Barcelona Mobile World Capital is an important challenge for the city and its passion for technology

Ribera showed those present at the Breakfast some examples of his research work, like the impact of the Giffbaff Mobile Network, where communities of users organize and transmit information. Furthermore, Ribera expressed Telefónica’s express desire to play a leading role in Barcelona’s time as the Mobile World Capital, which is an important challenge for the city, he said, and presented a video in which Telefónica defends Barcelona’s bid, demonstrating the city’s passion for the world of technology and the competitive dynamism that creates.

To finish up the February 22@Update Breakfast, Ginés Alarcón, president of CTecno Foundation, spoke about the mobile industry and pointed out that the technology sector is experiencing a great moment, despite the profound crisis being felt in the rest of the traditional industries and society in general. Jobs are being created in the technology sector right now, he assured. Alarcón also spoke about the evolution of telephone communications over the past years and highlighted the huge success and evolution of mobile phones despite the initial doubts of some businesspeople. Ginés Alarcón said that an iphone or a Smartphone can change people’s lives.

The Mobile World Capital Foundation has been created to coordinate projects related to mobile telephone communications

Ginés Alarcón, former director of T-Systems, has been named head of operations of the Mobile World Capital Foundation and will be in charge of coordinating activities and projects related to mobile telephone communications and telecommunications. “We must all work together on this,” explained Alarcón. The new foundation was presented on 27 February at the Barcelona Mobile Congress. The organization will have a board of trustees made up of members of the Spanish Government, the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Fairgrounds. Gines Alarcón reminded those present that he was the first president of the 22@Network and that the first Breakfast took place eight years ago at the headquarters of T-Systems.

To finish up the event, Josep M. Piqué of the Barcelona City Council, summed up the activities that have taken place recently in the 22@ district, as well as those to come over the next few weeks. On 8 and 9 February, Malaga held Transfiere, at which 22@ had a marked presence. The first edition of the Talent Marketplace, driven by the Talent and HR committees, is scheduled for 6 March, as is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Barcelona Media. Martin Kaplan, the Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media and Society at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, will give a speech/workshop entitled “From passive to participative spectator: Transforming the Contents Industry”, in the Imagina Auditorium.

Client presentation Mobile World Capital

Key ideas

-The mobile industry, the new technology sector, is experiencing a great moment despite the profound crisis being felt in the rest of the traditional sectors.

-Barcelona’s role as the Mobile World Capital is an important challenge for the city because it can transform it into a global powerhouse in mobile telephone communications and new technology. Barcelona Mobile Capital represents the city’s passion for technology and will contribute great business dynamism in a highly competitive and innovative sector.

Attendees speak

-New technology adapted to mobile devices is surely changing how we view life. In just a few short years, we have moved light-years beyond where we were previously. Now there is no turning back, telephone communications have transformed our relationships and are not only a means for communication but an essential part of our work and personal projects.

-Over the past year we have seen that social networks are taking on an important role in business relationships. It has even been said that they may come to replace websites as a means to transmit contents and advertisement. This makes me wonder if we may be running the risk of providing fragmented, superficial information.

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