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Summary of the April 2011 22@Update Breakfast
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The current economic climate makes it a key priority for companies to move into international markets. Economic globalization necessitates new knowledge and new expectations, as well as requiring nearly exclusive dedication from entrepreneurs to the economic movements happening in countries around the world. Barcelona leads high to mid-to-high technology exports in Spain, with 25% of the total. 22@ has exhaustive knowledge of companies that operate in international markets and is a good example of the importance of exports.

Breakfast abril 2011Breakfast abril 2011

The April 2011 22@Update Breakfast focused on case studies from three companies based in the district that export their products around the world. André Vanyi-Robin, co-founder of BesTv, spoke on behalf of his company. Mònica Colmanera, head of International Development for Internet company Groupalia, explained the secret behind their success. And, finally, Lluís Font, CEO of Zyncrospoke about his project and the importance of social networks in business today.

“Spain is exporting, because there are people who have done their homework, but we have to speed up the process”

Josep Miquel Piqué, managing director of 22@Barcelona, opened the session with an overview of the key aspects of Business Internationalization. “Market-oriented talent, technology and funding,” explained Piqué, “are essential. We must find the path to growth and act quickly once we have identified which road to follow, because the window of opportunity is small and we can’t let our competitors get there first.” We have to grow and find channels through which to move into global markets. Josep Miquel Piqué noted that Spain is exporting, because there are people who have done their homework, “but we can’t stop now, we have to speed up the process.”

Despite online globalization, it is important to keep travelling in order to maintain personal contact with clients"

André Vanyi-Robin explained his experience as co-founder of Adecq, the company that developed the BesTv system, based on a non-linear service platform for digital television. BesTv provides new services like terrestrial, satellite and cable radio broadcasting that allows users to personalize content, 3-D television and dynamic advertising. After five years in business, the company has recently been acquired by Motive Television.

Vanyi-Robin explained the history of his business, which was born out of a previous failure and took advantage of a global opportunity: the end of analog broadcasting announced in 2005. The company didn’t have any money, but they did find an ecosystem in 22@Barcelona and an internationalization plan. Vanyi-Robin, working from Barcelona, sells his product mainly abroad. This businessman stressed the importance of international relations and the need to travel constantly despite current online globalization. Currently, BestTv has spread to Eastern Europe, Turkey and Latin America.

Passion for collective buying around the world"

Next, Mònica Colmarena, head of International Development for Internet company Groupalia, gave an overview of this company’s rapid implementation and success online. Groupalia creates collective buying groups, mainly related to leisure activities, health and beauty. “It’s a business in which everyone wins,” explained Colmarena. Users get significant discounts and companies find important new sales channels. The key to their success lies in the fact that “the more companies you work with, the more users you have. And the more users you have, the more companies want to participate in the project.” After the company’s first eleven months, it now has 400 employees, is present in 6 countries, and is looking at a possible turnover of 100 million euros in 2011.

Mònica Colmanera explained Groupalia’s success as being based on international market needs. The Groupalia Head of International Development said that there is a huge “passion for collective buying around the world,” which is why everything happened so quickly. This business is growing around the world and has no barriers, which has allowed Groupalia to grow quickly and aggressively, with exceptional reactions from both users and clients. Mònica Colmanera highlighted Latin America as an area with great potential for Spanish businesspeople. The language is an important factor in our favor, as are their economic cycles, which are different from and complimentary to those in Europe.  

Mònica Colmanera, Goupalia head of International Development, explained various lessons based on her business experience.  Mainly, you must know the product well. It is also important to know the market and you must be flexible and work with local teams that know the local situation. Colmanera insisted that we mustn’t fear failure and need to react quickly to correct errors.

Social networks will bring about a communication revolution among workers in companies"

Finally, the April 22@Update Breakfast also included Lluís Font, CEO of Zyncro, who explained his experience as head of internationalization for his company, based on social networks. With Zyncro, Lluís Font offers users the chance to create internal online communication tools and also works on the company’s organizational structure and areas of knowledge. Font encourages companies to use social networks, as he believes they should take advantage of the communication benefits they offer. The CEO of Zyncro said that, right now, information doesn’t flow inside companies. Paradoxically, while normal relationships between people take place more and more through social networks like Twitter and Facebook, companies aren’t putting these tools to use. Lluís Font stressed the communicative differences between generations in the workplace. Young people use e-mail less frequently, but do use chats and social networks. However, there are still some departments that don’t look kindly on the supposed advantages of these new communication tools.

Lluis Font foresees that, a few years from now, companies will have their own corporate social networks. Everything will be organized around social networks: social games, social Intranet, project management. He also predicts that the battle between social networks will heat up over the next five years. A social revolution will take place, with its critics, that will be led by directors of talent and marketing. This will change the relationship between companies and their workers.

We mustn’t be paralyzed by analysis; we don’t need to waste time on market studies"

Lluis Font explained that in this changing situation, we must move quickly and make decisions. The market changes quickly and managers must adapt and correct their goals. “We mustn’t be paralyzed by analysis; we don’t need to waste time on market studies.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I change it quickly.”

According to the CEO of Zyncro, in the coming years we will see a social battle, which will have its critics, but will be real. Entrepreneurs need to sell their products online and must know the global market and the differences between countries. Productivity will increase in companies and change the relationship they have with their workers, their location and their salaries. The market must be global and collaborators will carry out their work thousands of kilometers from their company’s headquarters.

Barcelona is a platform for global business"

To close the event, Josep Miquel Piqué stressed that a global technology world must move quickly and take advantage of international talent. International mindedness is key. The Managing Director highlighted that 22@ is a platform for exports, for global business.

Key ideas

“In order to expand in a global market, entrepreneurs must have good knowledge of both the product they are offering and the local market where they want to sell it. In order to overcome any difficulties, businesspeople must be flexible and surround themselves with a good team that knows the characteristics of each area they want to work in. 

“We mustn’t be afraid of making mistakes. We must know how to correct our errors quickly and overcome the difficulties posed by flexible markets. Entrepreneurs must begin anew each time and move quickly to get there before the competition."

“In a global online world, we must think in many languages and know the different ways of working. We must go beyond these barriers and open ourselves up to the world.”

“Delocalization can be carried out from Barcelona. It’s easy now to delocalize collaborators, work with people from other countries and continents. 22@ is acting as a catalyst for these initiatives.”

Attendees speak

“Social networks are both a tool and a product. They are a communication tool for companies and a product with great international projection. Many companies are working to export their business tools based on the importance of communication.”

“Working in a pleasant environment is very important. There are more and more companies around the world that try to give their worker an enjoyable workplace, which has very positive repercussions on productivity.”

“I don’t like Human Resources. I think this should be eradicated from all companies, because we’re managing people, not resources.

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