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A new model of city
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A new model of city
Industrial heritage
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22@Barcelona favors a diverse urban model, where new buildings and public spaces coexist with traces of history and elements representing the neighborhood's industrial past to create a place with great cultural value where tradition and innovation come together.
In order to favor this restoration process for the symbols of Poblenou's industrial past, Barcelona's Catalogue of Heritage Sites has been modified - Modification of the Special Plan for Historical/Artistic Architectural Heritage in the city of Barcelona -, which was born out of the desire to recognize that the city 's industrial past was one of elements that most influenced the definition of urban spaces, particularly in Poblenou.

Poblenou's rich industrial heritage is evident when consulting the number of buildings and other elements that are catalogued as heritage sites. Sixty-eight new elements have been added to the thirty-six previously catalogued, six of which - la Escocesa, Can Gili Nou, Palo Alto, la Frigo, Ca l.Illa, Fàbrica Waldés-, have been put forward as cultural assets of local interest due to their great importance, and Can Ricart, has been put forward as cultural asset of national interest, the maximal protection. In order to aid conservation of this group of buildings, special regulations will also protect other elements, like alleyways, residential buildings and structural elements.

Likewise, the Barcelona Center of Industrial Culture will be created in Can Saladrigas (at 22 Joncar Street) to develop different initiatives that promote Barcelona's industrial heritage.

Download a document with the description and location of elements approved in the Plan for Historical/Artistic Architectural Heritage in the city of Barcelona.

If you want to consult the city of Barcelona.s Architectural Heritage Catalogue, click here.

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