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A new model of city
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A new model of city
Quality public spaces
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The 22@Barcelona project devotes 10% of the previously industrial land, which was mainly privately held, to the creation of more than 114,000 m² of new public spaces and green areas, and establishes a high standard of quality in its streets.

Public space is a support element for the urban fabric, for relationships and activities, and because of this, it is one of the basic guidelines for the city's configuration. For this reason, the structure of the Poblenou green areas has been proposed according to a sequence of measurements in which the large open spaces - Litoral Park, the future Plaça de les Glòries, Central Park, etc.- extend gradually toward squares and smaller streets with houses, becoming true meeting places for residents.

The street subtly modifies its route in order to improve both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. On one hand, this reduces traffic problems in Poblenou by defining a reduced number of main streets, which carry the majority of private vehicles as well as public transportation, and a larger number of secondary streets, with minimum traffic flow, used to access buildings.

On the other hand, it introduces a new standard in urban planning that optimizes pedestrian routes, improves visibility and security conditions at crosswalks and increases accessibility for those with reduced mobility. At the same time, it widens sidewalks to seven meters in order to encourage foot traffic and help develop commerce near the corners, since they form a wider octagon than the traditional Barcelona corners in the Eixample.

Download a map showing the bike lanes in 22@Barcelona.

Download a map showing the location of public spaces approved through December 2011 in the 22@ area.

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