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A new model of city
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A new model of city
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The 22@Barcelona project is strongly in favor of mixing production spaces with new housing in order to allow people to live close to their workplace, foster the development of local commerce and guarantee vitality in public spaces throughout the day.

This way the project restores more than 4,600 traditional houses that were built in industrial areas and have been affected since 1953, when the Regional Plan established an exclusively industrial use for all the city's productive land. With the new 22@ designation, the presence of these houses has been normalized for the first time in the last fifty years and this allows them to be restored. It also promotes the construction of 4,000 subsidized housing units, favoring social diversity in Poblenou and guaranteeing the vitality of all streets and public spaces throughout the day.

Up to December 2011, the 22@Barcelona project has finished more than 1,300 new subsidized housing units, and more than 500 units are in construction or under license granted.

For further information on subsidized housing, contact the Housing Office.

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