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Throughout 2009, with the goal of drawing property investors, building projects and new business offices to the district, the Company took part in two investment attraction roadshows, where 22@Barcelona presented the district to select businesses. The events took place in Hamburg (January 2009) and Zurich (May 2009).

We also took part in 3 property trade fairs seeking investors to develop projects in the district: MIPIM (Cannes, March 2009), Expo Real (Munich, October 2009) and BMP (Barcelona, October 2009). In 2009 and within the overall framework of the Barcelona Economic Triangle, 22@Barcelona presented a project run by Barcelona City Council and the Government of Catalonia to provide firm and committed support to a model of economic growth based on innovation and creativity, fully immerged in the knowledge economy.

The Company was also involved in the BIO’09 trade fair, the first international meeting of the biotech industry; ETRE, the Mobile World Congress, and the various Barcelona Update programs led by Economic Promotion.

22@Barcelona explained its urban and economic innovation model to the following international representatives with the Best Practice International: Cape Town (August 2009), Oslo (March 2009), Poznan (September 2009), Brussels (September 2009) and INTA (October 2009).

Back home we welcomed over 126 delegations of visitors to 22@Barcelona from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK ...
The number of companies is growing every year. The most important firms recently stablished are: Prointec, Aggaros, Col·legi Oficial d’Infemeria (the oficial college of nursery), Agència Catalana del Consum (the consum agency of Catalonia), ICNET Consulting, Delaware, Esabe Informatica Distribuida, S.L., etc.

22@Barcelona also took part in other City Council projects, such as the preparation of the book Value Capture Finance (Urban Land Institute), which explains the urban management model as a guideline to follow, together with a further four European projects. We formed part of the Expo Shanghai 2010 committee, as 22@Barcelona, along with Ciutat Vella, was chosen to feature at this Universal Exposition because of its good urban-development practices.


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