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This book explains 9 experiences in which the Barcelona City Council has encouraged innovation in the business sector in order to improve public services. They are projects from sectors as diverse as mobility, sustainability, administration-resident communication, and education. In each of the 9 cases, clear explanations show what led to the need for innovation, the process followed, and the results obtained. Each case can be applied in other cities and will surely be of interest to readers that want to get a better look at the mechanisms used by the Administration to foster innovation.

Download the whole book (4,3 Mb.) in PDF.


Districlima. Un sistema pioner de climatització centralitzada econòmicament més viable i ecològicament més sostenible

Barcelona, a benchmark in innovation (180 Kb.) in PDF.
Prologue by mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, and deputy mayor for Housing and Economic Promotion and president of 22@Barcelona, Jordi William Carnes

Barcelona is a benchmark in many fields. One of the key aspects to continuing to pioneer is innovating in all areas. The Barcelona City Council plays a key role in this process. With this book of 9 emblematic projects, the Barcelona City Council aims to show off the most cutting-edge work in each field, which other cities have already showed interest in.
These are 9 experiences that have contributed to consolidating Barcelona as an innovative city and the City Council as a driving force for innovation in the local industry. We must continue to innovate both in purchasing processes and products and services, as well as in the attitude and process followed.


Districlima. Un sistema pioner de climatització centralitzada econòmicament més viable i ecològicament més sostenible 

Districlima. A pioneering centralized climate control system that is more affordable and more environmentally friendly (670 Kb.) in PDF.
22@Barcelona. Barcelona City Council
As part of the Barcelona City Council’s commitment to environmentally friendly infrastructures, we took advantage of the 2004 Forum of Cultures to implant an innovative centralized climate control system supplying the new 22@ Barcelona innovation district, which was being built amid obsolete factories and buildings in the Poblenou area. This system is a pioneer on an international level and, as a result of its success, was used at the Zaragoza International Exposition and will soon be implanted in other areas of Barcelona.

Innovació en la gestió de la grua municipal per tal de garantir la fluïdesa del trànsit en la Ciutat Comtal

Innovation in tow-truck management to guarantee proper traffic flow in Barcelona (435 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona Municipal Services
The municipal towing service is not the most fondly looked upon by residents. However its work is absolutely essential to maintaining order, not only in regulated parking areas but also in public spaces in the city where people park. Without this service the number of parking places available would decrease significantly and traffic flow in general would suffer. There would also be increased acoustic and atmospheric pollution, as well as a decrease in safety for drivers and pedestrians. This is why Barcelona Municipal Services, the municipal company that manages towing and other services, is constantly vigilant and implements the latest technology to make this service ever more efficient.

Una xarxa Wifi capdavantera a tot el món i emmarcada en l’aposta de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona pel model de gestió intel•ligent de la ciutat 

3.    A cutting-edge wi-fi network, part of the Barcelona City Council’s commitment to a smart city management model (532 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona City Council. Department of e-Administration and Information Systems
Since the start of ICT in the early ‘90s, the main cities of the world have been working to take advantage of the potential of this technology, in line with the Smart City and Ubiquitous City concepts. The Barcelona City Council is committed to smart city management, which includes the “Public Wi-Fi" project: an innovative wireless network that substantially improves management of municipal services in key issues for managing a smart city. This includes improved traffic flow (thanks to remote-controlled traffic lights, parking meters, cameras, etc.), better waste management, and improved communications with municipal employees that work closely with residents or on the streets, like police officers, municipal inspectors or social workers.

Barcelona Ciutat Educativa. Convertint tota la ciutat en una aula
Institut d’Educació.

Barcelona Educational City. Making the whole city a classroom  (1.344 Kb.) in PDF.
Educational Institute. Barcelona City Council 
Nearly 20 years ago, the Barcelona City Council launched the idea that, in an ever more complex world, to succeed education must not only reside in the traditional strongholds of school and family but be a project involving society as a whole. This discourse, which pre-dated the UNESCO’s current one by two decades, takes on a new importance in an urban area like Barcelona, with one of the richest and most deeply rooted fabrics of associations, made up of hundreds of leisure, civic and cultural bodies.

Innovació en l’ús de les noves tecnologies en benefici del ciutadà. 

Innovation in the use of new technology to benefit residents (451 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona Municipal Institute of Markets. Barcelona City Council
With the aim of understanding and better serving the more than 40 million people that visit the 46 municipal market in Barcelona each year, the Municipal Institute of Markets is implementing a simple technological solution that allows them to learn more about the flow of clients and their buying habits. An ICT tool, developed by a company in Barcelona, is being used for the first time in the world to design a precise commercial policy for the network of municipal markets.

Uns contenidors adaptats 'per a tothom' que totes les ciutats voldran tenir.

Trash bins adapted “for everyone” that all residents will want to have (410 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona City Council. Department of the Environment
In order to meet the needs of those with physical disabilities, the Barcelona City Council Department of the Environment has driven an innovation process that, through the joined forces of the Triple Helix (administration, university, business), will replace all 27,000 bins in the city with a new model by the end of 2009. This model, thanks to its innovative characteristics, is the first in the world to guarantee equal access to all residents.

Una gestió de recollida de residus, selectiva però 'a l’engròs', referent a tot el món 

Selective but “wholesale” waste management  (427 Kb.) in PDF.
Mercabarna. Barcelona City Council
Thanks to a dynamic innovation process, Mercabarna has started up a commercial waste management system that is already recycling up to 75%. This innovation is more conceptual than technological, based on new but simple technical solutions and getting all relevant social stakeholders on board. In short, it is an innovative waste management system that is selective but “wholesale” and is already being studied by the main supply markets in the world.

Una sala conjunta de comandament per a atendre les denúncies i emergències.

A joint command room for emergencies and police reports  (473 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona City Council. Department of Prevention, Safety and Mobility
Since 2005, a Joint Command Room coordinates all actions required by the Guàrdia Urbana (092), Mossos d’Esquadra (112) and the fire department (080). In this centralized control center, these forces work side by side, with support from the most modern technology, to give residents the best and fastest service possible. This is a model of technological innovation, but above all of organizational innovation. It is unique in Europe and has drawn interest from other cities in imitating it.

Quiosc PuntBCN, un innovador 'caixer automàtic' que permetrà fer els tràmits municipals més àgils, en un horari més flexible i a més indrets 

PuntBCN Kiosk, an innovative “cash machine” for faster municipal proceedings in more locations and with more flexible hours  (567 Kb.) in PDF.
Barcelona City Council. Department of General Services and Territorial Coordination
The PuntBCN kiosks, which look like any cash machine –easy and intuitive to use–, have been made possible by an innovative process based on a thorough pilot program and a rigorous public tender to study all the requirements. This is, without a doubt, a huge step forward in making all contact with the Office of Resident Services (OAC) easier, as these kiosks, which are located in places like libraries and shopping centers around the city, give residents better access the municipal Administration.


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