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The mission of the Research and Development Department is to foster innovation in the city of Barcelona and make it an innovation reference point among cities, in all of its spheres.
The particular projects arranged in 2009 were framed within three areas:

•    22@Urban Lab

2009 saw the start-up of the 22@Urban Lab project which the 22@Barcelona district is introducing as a space to test innovative solutions.
The project aims to provide businesses that are developing groundbreaking projects and which are in the pre-commercialization processes with a chance to test them in the district via pilot tests.

•    22@Synergys

This programme was created in 2008 to make the most of the events and congresses associated with the knowledge economy held in Barcelona, turning relational opportunities for business opportunities and boosting innovation dynamics and the value of networks.
Three events were held in 2009 which drew over 165 businesses and 825 researchers.

•    Innovative Public Purchases

One of the areas the Innovation Department worked on in 2009 was to systemize mechanisms for innovative public purchases and seek to develop them.
Two workshops were held, one on rubbish collection at the new Bellcaire market, and the other on the implementation of micro-logistics platforms in commercial areas around town.


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