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The activities needed to house the businesses related with 22@Barcelona’s five clusters were developed along two lines in 2009. For example, the UGAP (Project Aid Management Unit) offered a personalized advisory service to identify public financing opportunities for companies’ strategic projects within the field of R&D, internationalization, talent incorporation and the identification of new business opportunities.

Also, a Traditional Industries programme was developed along with PIMEC and CECOT which involved identifying and segmenting a minimum of 150 businesses from the traditionally most important local sectors in order to obtain a thorough map of the companies and to identify challenges, opportunities and needs.

22@Barcelona took on the organization of the GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Competition) within the HIT, which drew 22 Entrepreneurship centres and 25 finalist businesses projects.

Finally, in order to boost businesses growth, a programme entitled GLOBAL GROWTH, taught by professors Kenneth P. Morse, the founder of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, and William K. Aulet, the managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, was organized by the business development department.


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