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One of the Company’s most important activities in relation to the development of the district’s economic activity is the promotion of clusters in different economic sectors strategic to the city.
2009 was concentrated particularly on consolidating the following sectors: Media, ICT, MedTech, Energy and Design. The following challenges were met:

With respect to the management of the 5 clusters: agreements were signed with the Barcelona Digital Foundation, Barcelona Media Foundation, Biocat and BCD (Barcelona Centre Disseny); strategic plans finalized in the ICT, MedTech and Media clusters; the strategic plan for the Design cluster got under way; the “Initiative to Reinforce Competitiveness (IRC) in Contract Manufacturing” the MedTech cluster, as well as “Energy Efficiency” into the Energy cluster, and “Design and City” into the Design cluster.

In terms of the media cluster, there was participation in the European InMediaTe project to prepare a catalogue of services for sector businesses, with 10 companies from more than 6 different countries.

An agreement was signed with BCD to promote the Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster, along with an agreement with TIC.cat to collaborate with us in the ICT cluster.

2009 saw the first steps taken in the creation of an organization for the Agrofood cluster and the other following clusters: Multilingualism, Higher Education, Cultural Industries and Corporate Universities.

The year also witnessed our participation in numerous events, congresses and promotional activities related with the different clusters and taking place in cities and countries such as Gijon, Zurich, Helsinki, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Vienna and Dusseldorf.

Finally, there was the 3rd edition of Urban Clusters Congress organized by 22@Barcelona and which drew 680 attendees.  

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