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Spanish Bmat, winner of Global Entrepreneurship Competition at HiT Barcelona 2009
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Spanish company Bmat won the first edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Competition, a unique tournament that brought together high growth start-ups from around the world at the HiT Barcelona global innovation summit.

The Broccoli Project and Polyskin were the second and third place startups in this global competition.
Barcelona, 19 June 2009 - Bmat is a Barcelona-based Spanish company that develops musical technology software to allow machines to emulate human beings when listening, understanding, recognizing, enjoying and interacting with music. In order to do this, Bmat uses cutting-edge musical analysis tools to create new intuitive and agile models for interaction with digital music, providing new services like a web-based search engine for sounds, an intelligent music player that synchronizes playlists with the user’s mood, a system that recommends new music based on the user’s personal profile, and a system that detects whether the song is a cover or a live version. The winner of the competition received a 50,000-euro award and will participate in business development programs driven by Barcelona Activa and 22@Barcelona. Bmat also won the third annual EmprenedorXXI award, a joint initiative of “La Caixa” and the National Company for Innovation (ENISA).

•    Bmat is a Spanish company that develops musical technology software

•    South African company The Broccoli Project and Indian company Polyskin were the runners up.

•    The top 28 innovative business plans in the world participated in the competition, representing 21 different countries.

The second- and third-place winners were The Broccoli Project and Polyskin, which received prizes of 20,000 and 10,000 euros respectively. The Broccoli Project is a management program for NGOs to help people with limited resources. Applying a model that is similar to many incentive or loyalty programs, this platform allows users to develop a scheme that incentivizes needy people who show positive behavior. This way, thanks to user profile management and a powerful biometric database, people who join the program and participate in healthcare iniatives, actively look for work or enroll their child in school receive a stipend to cover their basic needs. This initiative was nominated by the Cape Town Economic and Social Development Department (South Africa).

The third place company was India’s Polyskin, which develops innovative products from biological materials to be used on burns and other injuries. In India and other developing countries there is a severe lack of affordable treatment for burns. The problem is that existing solutions, artificial or human skin grafts, bioactive membranes, etc, are expensive. In order to remedy this situation, Polyskin has developed an innovative process through which biodegradable polymer particles encapsulated with drugs can be self-assembled into bio-membranes in a single step at room temperature, allowing them to be used immediately as artificial skin substitutes for burn and wound treatment. Polyskin offers a number of advantages: easy use, reduced loss of liquids and risk of infection, quick healing of infected wounds and better skin regeneration. In addition, this alternative burn treatment option is more affordable. Polyskin is a spin off of the Indian National Immunology Institute and was nominated by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board.

Two 5,000-euro prizes were also awarded to Echopixel Technologies and The Broccoli Project for best presentation and best social value, respectively. Echopixel Technologies is located in Mexico and works to improve patient care using innovative stereoscopic solutions, with non-invasive three-dimensional images, to better detect, diagnose and treat disease.

28 participants from 21 countries participated in the first annual Global Entrepreneurship Competition. Of these, 24 were selected by an international committee made up of the most prestigious ‘Entrepreneurship Centers’ in the world (Business Schools, Universities, Technology Parks and Business Incubators). The other four finalists were chosen from existing entrepreneurship programs: the EmprendedorXXI award, driven by “la Caixa” and ENISA, which contributed three finalists, and the 15th ACC1Ó Investment Forum, which nominated the last finalist.

According to Jerry Engel, the level of participating projects was “an example of the innovation taking place around the world. HiT Barcelona has proven to be a strategic meeting for high growth business plans that may drive the most strategic business projects of the future.”

In addition to the awards, all participating companies will be offered a year of free office space in the 22@Barcelona technological district in order to help them establish their European headquarters in Barcelona and attract the international talent that participated in this global competition.

HiT Barcelona
Hit Barcelona is a unique world innovation summit that brings together renowned innovation gurus, entrepreneurs, and investors to drive strategic business projects. It focuses on high-growth sectors like Telecom, Cleantech and Healthcare. HiT Barcelona combines top-notch plenary sessions with a series of meetings and sectorial activities where the most innovative projects in the world are presented. The summit includes the first-ever international business plan competition, the Global Entrepreneurship Competition. HiT Barcelona is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (via their Finance, Economy and Innovation Departments), the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and “la Caixa”. It is organized by the Fira de Barcelona and the Barcelona Strategic Metropolitan Plan. The first edition of the event is expected to bring about 2,000 delegates to Barcelona from the 17 to 19 June, 2009.

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