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22@Barcelona is proud to introduce 22@Staying in Company, an internship project that makes the best students available to innovative companies located in 22@Barcelona in order to help them attract, retain and concentrate both international and local talent in the district’s businesses, fostering productivity and innovation in the district.

This program offers one-stop service that will allow you to access the local and international students that best suit you quickly and practically. This platform will allow universities, companies and research parks to interact, identifying the needs of the productive fabric and offering solutions.

22@Staying in company offers five different programs:

In collaboration with Barcelona universities, this program connects you with international students studying graduate or postgraduate degrees.
Begins 2008-09 school year. (1st edition)
More information

22@BECAT. In collaboration with universities and consulates in Barcelona, this program connects you with students at the most prestigious international universities. Begins 2008-09 school year. (2nd edition)
More information

22@FP. In collaboration with professional training centers in the 22@Barcelona district, this program connects you with students from training programs linked to the 22@Barcelona cluster sectors.
Begins 2008-09 school year. (4th edition) 
More information

MIT-SPAIN. 22@Barcelona is collaborating on this program with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Sailing in order to attract recent graduates or postgraduate students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to companies in 22@Barcelona.
Begins 2008-09 school year. (4th edition)

22@MBA. During the 2009-2010 school year 22@Barcelona will launch a joint program with business schools in Barcelona to connect companies with MBA students.
Begins 2009-10 school year. (in preliminary phases)
More information

22@DEGREE. Working directly with the most prestigious foreign universities, this program puts you in contact with students in their last year of an undergraduate degree in countries that are of strategic interest to your company. For the first year of this program we will be collaborating with the Monterrey Institute of Technology. This program will begin during the 2009-10 school year (preliminary stages).

So, if you represent a company located or related to the activity of the district and are interested in participating in any of these programs to attract interns, register you now.

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