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Global Growth Program
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22@Barcelona and Barcelona Activa  will drive this new program, in collaboration with Professor Kenneth P. Morse, Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, Boston-Massachusetts, who will lead and address the different events and meetings to be held over the next twelve months. Prof. Morse is assisted by William K. Aulet, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and Micheal Grandineffi from the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, as well as Joeseph B. Lassiter from the Harvard Business School.

The Program will include
3 Workshops + 1 Entrepreneurship Summit + 1 Venture Capital Conference + 1 MIT Program–optional.

(Entrepreneurial Marketing: “Focusing on, and Listening to the Needs of the Customer”, “Operational Excellence”, “Leadership and Financing for Growth”).

Profile of the participants
Active entrepreneurs and innovators, competent and ambitious in any high growth sector. Who are currently selling at least € 1M annually. International focus and ambition. Desire for world class training

Start of the program
In MARCH 2009, the first workshop will be held in Barcelona. A maximum of 25 companies may bring up to 3 Executives (CEO + 2 others) to attend this first workshop, and they must agree to attend the entire 2009 program. The first workshop will be “Entrepreneurial Product Marketing: Focusing on, and Listening to the needs of the customer”. It will be taught by Prof. Ken Morse and William K. Aulet, both from MIT. 2-day workshop with Prof. Ken Morse and William K. Aulet. Academic materials from MIT and HBS. Lunches and coffees. Networking dinner, with pitching. Certificate.

Applications for admission
The deadline for receiving applications for participation in this program is 5 February 2009. The cost of attending the entire 2009 program will be 1,800€ for 1 person. (2,500€ for two people or 3.000€ for 3 people).

More information: ggp09@22barcelona.com

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