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This program allows you to take on interns from the most prestigious international universities. Through this system of grants for the best students in strategic countries, 22@BECAT will bring talent to universities in this country and make it possible for you to welcome them into your company or organization.

By participating you will be able to attract the talent you need to improve productivity and facilitate the development of your internationalization strategies.

Through the active participation of universities and their direct contact with international students, we overcome the language and organizational barriers that can limit your ability to attract international interns. This way, through the 22@BECAT program, universities will select the students that best meet your needs.

If you are a business or organization and you want to participate, we invite you to sign up for the program. This way, you.ll be able to process your intern requests and keep up to date with the timelines for the different subprograms.

Who can participate?

Both private companies and public organizations can participate in the program, whether they are located in the 22@Barcelona district or outside of it. In order to participate, at least one part (student or company/organization) must be located in the 22@Barcelona district. This way, companies outside the district will be able to request interns from universities located in 22@Barcelona. These are: the University of Barcelona, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Pompeu Fabra University, the Open University of Catalonia and the BAU Design School.
Students participating in this program are foreign students studying postgraduate, masters or doctorate degrees in Barcelona.

Why participate?

.    Because it will give you access to highly educated interns specialized in the different areas your company or organization acts in.
.    Because it will allow you to incorporate international talent from around the world and initiate them in your corporate culture in order to strengthen your internationalization strategy.
.    Because it will give you the opportunity to see candidates for future jobs in action.
.    Because you will be able to select the most appropriate students yourself.
.    Because you will not have to enter into a contract with the student, as the nature of the agreement is academic and not work related.
.    Because you will not have to pay social security for the interns (this is covered by the school insurance ).
.    Because all costs can be counted as personnel expenses.
.    Because you can deduct 20% of the net cost if interns are working on de R&D projects.

How can I participate?

1.    It.s easy! If you are a business or organization and you want to participate, just sign up for the program. This will give you access to the tool 22@Barcelona provides to process your intern requests and keep up to date with the timelines for the different subprograms.
2.    In the 22@Staying in company application, under the option Internship offers you will be able to post your offer, describe the tasks and professional profile you are looking for in an intern.
3.    This offer will be sent to universities with students that meet your requirements.
4.    Candidates interested in your internship will send you their resume directly and you will be able to see these whenever you want in the Candidates section.
5.    Then you can start the interview process with your selected candidates. Once you have made your choice you can contact the student to discuss the details of the internship and prepare the Contract proposal.
6.    Once you have selected a student, click on their file and the corresponding contract proposal will appear, which you will have to fill out and send to their university.
7.    This file, which will already have all the information necessary for the internship contract proposal, will be sent to the appropriate authorities at the university for their approval. The university will contact you to confirm that they agree with the contract and make an appointment to sign it.
8.    In order to let the 22@Staying in company team know which countries you are interested in, don.t forget to fill out the preparatory form for future editions.

When can I participate?

Present an internship request: 
.    2008-09 school year: from October 27 through November 31
.    2009-10 school year: from February 1 to March 31
Select interns:
.    2008-09 school year: During the month of December 2008
.    2009-10 school year: During the month of June 2009
Students will start internships:
.    2008-09 school year: Starting January 2009
.    2009-10 school year: Starting October 2009
Once you have signed up for the program you will receive notifications for each of these deadlines.


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