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The energy sector is one of the ten sectors considered as strategic for the city of Barcelona, and at the same time, focus of attention for all human beings. It is a well-known fact that conventional fuel reserves such as oil, gas and coal are in crisis and alternatives must be found.

In this research the ITER Project plays a key role, a research Project of international scope that is experiencing the generation of electricity through fusion. The head offices of the ITER Project are being settled in Cadarache, in the South. East of France, but 22@Barcelona already houses the European Fusion Agency, administrative organ that will coordinate the ITER.

In order to promote the energy sector in the 22@Barcelona district, the Campus Tecnològic i Empresarial de Barcelona b_TEC will also be housed, which is a group initiative result of the agreement between the Generalitat de Cataluña, by means of the Departamento de Universidades, Investigación y Sociedad de la Información (DURSI), Barcelona and Sant Adria del Besos City Council and the Diputación de Barcelona, to configure a new model of knowledge. based space to make the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona to achieve excellent levels in determined fields of knowledge.

This new space will be specialized in four lines of knowledge: energy Technologies, mobility Technologies, water Technologies, as well as architecture, urbanism and building and will concentrate activities of training, research and high quality production linked to these strategic sectors.

To consult Energy companies already present in 22@Barcelona district or in the process, please click here.

To consult the economics dossier of the energy sector in Barcelona and Catalonia, please click here.

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