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What is 22@Voluntariat?
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It's an initiative open to anyone who is part of the 22@Network (current or retired workers from companies in the 22@Network) and wants to support social, educational and cultural projects developed by organizations and associations in the Sant Martí District.  

If you work in 22@Barcelona, this is your opportunity to help the neighborhood associations that need it the most, meet new people and grow personally by volunteering on social and cultural activities like: helping people with reduced mobility; helping in digital literacy classes for the elderly, disabled or other groups; providing management consulting for social and cultural projects; practicing Catalan or Spanish with people who are new to the area or practicing English with children from neighborhood schools, etc.

To sign up and receive more information, click here.

If you belong to an organization in the Sant Martí District, you can propose activities and tasks for volunteers. That way, we can put you in contact with at least two volunteers and get the word out about what you are doing to new people and organizations. Any task or activity is possible; they will be proposed, then selected by people who sign up to volunteer. Each activity will last three months.

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To sign up and receive more information, click here.


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