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22@Update Breakfast October 2007
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October.s 22@ Update Breakfast focused on the importance of cultivating innovation culture in the business sector in order to generate new business opportunities.

Enric Banda, President of Euroscience, an association of European scientists, presented the Euroscience open Forum 2008. This association uses the Euroscience open Forum (ESOF), which will take place in Barcelona in July 2008, as a platform to meet and debate European trends in scientific research and their application in different sectors of the industry. ESOF is an interdisciplinary meeting of scientists, journalists, businesspeople, politicians and young people who share the same vision: .science for a better life..

The first Forum took place in the Swedish city of Stockholm in 2004 with 350 science and technology communicators. In 2006, the Forum took place in the German city of Munich with the added participation of the industrial sector. The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation is organizing the 2008 Forum, which aims to increase participation from the business sector. Enric Banda explained, .We want this to be a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences among leaders in the industrial, business and innovation sectors..

In addition to distinguished scientists, young people have always had an important place in this Forum, which helps them to establish a career plan. It.s important for businesspeople to have the chance to discover new talent and, at the same time, for young people to be able to interact with experienced scientist and find work opportunities in the research sector that go beyond public employment.

Josep Mª Vilà i Solanes, General Manager of INDRA, presented the company and emphasized its innovative characteristics. INDRA is Spain.s largest IT company and one of the top three in Europe. The company has three objectives:  to be among the most innovative companies, to innovate in all areas and have proprietary technology and solutions.

According to Vilà, .our business is turning know-how into value. and that is achieved through innovation, the workers. talent and financial resources. But above all, it.s about starting from the value to be added to the product and then thinking of a way to do it and what knowledge to use. In this respect, and with the aim of encouraging and increasing professional productivity, the workspaces at INDRA are not organized according to the workers. function, but by projects. No one has a set place; they are all exchangeable. There are no doors separating one room from another, they use all-purpose tables, and IP for phone communication, allowing higher mobility through network connections all over the office and, above all, creating a comfortable work environment.

Finally, to close the presentation, Pere Fons, 22@ Manager, called attention to some data about the district and shared new information:

  • More than 1,000 companies have moved to the district since 2001, 37% of which work in R&D. As a result, 32,000 new jobs have been created.
  • There are between 25,000 and 35,000 students in the district
  • Soon the Polytechnic Foundation of Catalonia will move to the district, which already houses the University of Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), among others.
  • 500 new protected residences will be finished shortly.


The Euroscience open Forum wants to become and interdisciplinary meeting to encourage exchanging ideas in the science and technology sectors.

When looking to innovate, don.t start with the know-how and then look for added value. Just the opposite, first start with the value than can be added in a particular situation and, from there, look for a way to make it happen.

It.s important to turn know-how into value because if it isn.t relevant to clients and investors the company won.t be able to continue its activity.


.The first presentation was really interesting. Enric Banda was enlightening on the topic of the ESOF, which I knew absolutely nothing about..

.I found INDRA.s working system very interesting. That.s a real change in management..

.I really like the model INDRA proposes: start from the added value, not the ideas..

Download speech: Indra

Download speech: ESOF

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