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To ensure the best possible fit between the different functional programs and their surrounding urban environment, the 22@Barcelona plan does not initially specify detailed planning for each part of the territory; it is through the derived planning instruments that the final picture of the transformation of the different areas is developed.

Initially the 22@Barcelona plan provides for six areas to be developed by public initiative. The 22@Barcelona corporation has drafted the respective planning in close collaboration with the Barcelona City Council Urban Planning Department. The six areas in question - Llull Pujades Llevant, Perú-Pere IV, Audiovisual Campus, Central Park, Llacuna Axis and Llull Pujades East - cover a total surface area of 925,482 m², representing 47% of the total area to be transformed. The aim is for these six areas to become the basis of the new urban structure, thus acting as a motor for the transformation of the district as a whole and enabling the implementation of activities that will play a strategic role in establishing new dynamics in the sector.
Likewise, the 22@Barcelona plan provides for the planning areas not included in these six areas to be developed by either private or public initiative. To ensure that such refurbishment meets the urban planning, economic and social requirements of the different parts of the area, it provides for different types of plans: plans for a single city block, plans for plots over 2,000 m², plans for consolidated industrial buildings, plans for buildings of particular interest and plans for consolidated housing façades.

To see the derived plans that have been approved*, click here.

*The complete paper copies of all files are can be viewed at the Department of Information and Urban Planning Documentation.


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