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Urbanization and infrastructures
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December 2011

Throughout 2011, the Special Poblenou Infrastructures Plan (PEI) continued to run the different urban networks and services were built, while urban planning work on the street was completed. These actions were coordinated with the private developments that were being run:

    •    3 new crossroads were urbanized, specifically in Almogavers Street.
    •    The construction of the Centralised Climate Control Network Reinforcement Station on Carrer Tànger is completed and is in testing-stage.
    •    There was continuity in the rental of fibre optics and the rental of locations for mobile telephony masts, as well as the practical completion of the regulations to govern the sharing of infrastructures in the area.
    •    Proactive participation on the Smart City Expo World Congress celebrated in Barcelona at the end of November 2010 and other activities developed aim to positioning the District as management model for Smart Cities.

Quantitatively, at 31 December 2011, the level of execution of the PEI stood at a little over 40%, with:

    •    101 units of crossroads completed
    •    946 linear metres of public galleries (46 units)
    •    2.085 linear metres of private galleries
    •    14.607 linear metres of Heat &Cooling network
    •    11.789 linear metres of pneumatic and selective waste collection network
    •    30.434 linear metres of core prisms (electricity and telecomunications)

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