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December 2011

The MPGM initially demarcates six areas that are developed by public initiative, and it predicts that the other planning spheres not included in these six areas may be developed by private or public initiative. To this effect, the MPGM 22@ does not determine from the outset the detailed and precise planning of each part of the area but refers to the derived planning to channel and specify the planning of each sphere of transformation.

In this type of action, the principal function of 22@Barcelona is to ensure that the proposed and approved planning meets the aims set out in the 22@ Plan. 22@Barcelona fosters the transformation of priority sectors, guides and assists private initiatives and the creative teams during the drafting of the plans, signs the relevant urban planning agreements, processes the ensuing instruments and directly fosters the strategic spheres where public-private collaboration is essential to enable the transformation.

Despite the slowdown in the pace of transformation as a consequence of the national and international economic evolution, the planning already developed allows us to make progress in specifying the new economic, social housing and public facilities built area programmes.

In 2011, final approval was given to 12 plans, 6 of which were public initiative, which means 17,623 m² of land and 53,945.829 m² of GFS.

Up to December 2011, all the plans approved include 3.029.106 m² of GFS and 926.954 of land, which translates into 151.753 m² of land for facilities, 124.912 m² of land for free spaces and 3.200 homes with some sort of social housing programme.

To see the urban-planning plans that were aproved until July 2012, click here.

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