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22@Update Breakfast February 2007
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Alfons Cornella, Infonomia Director, in the 22@Update Breakfast of February: .2015 will be a Google inside world: a world where useful tools will be available to solve your needs..

Barcelona, 22nd February.- .The current situation of technologies set the guidelines of how 2015 information society will be like.. This way, Infonomia.s director, Alfons Cornella, has advanced the lines of how the future of the Information Society will be like. Cornella has participated in the monthly edition of the 22@Update Breakfast, which has been organized by 22@Barcelona and that has been chaired by the municipal society manager, Pere Fons.

For Cornella, 2015 will be defined as .a google inside.s world, that is to say, a world where useful tools will be available for solving your needs.. That is why, it could be said that the evolution of technologies will be based on automation, expansion, interface creation, i-ubiquity and personal development.

Precisely, Cornella has explained that .automation will bring about specialized machines to perform similar functions to people.s.. Next step will be the expansion corresponding to the .creation of tools to allow an increase in people.s performance..

2015 will also be .a world of physical interfaces, where touch screens will be found everywhere to broadcast simulations.. Finally, for Alfons Cornella this year will be featured by .i-ubiquity., that means to have access to whatever information from anywhere. Likewise, it promotes the .personal development that will bring about a series of tools that allow building and creating whatever you want from your own home..

Today.s innovation
As a counterpoint to the future, the company information specialist and journalist Ariadna Boada, has presented eleven innovative companies settled in the 22@Barcelona district as an example of a model to follow in this sector.

Thus, Boada has explained cases such as the one of the advertising agency Atletico International .that turns its consumers into fans, working as a Champions football team.; Ecotècnia, company that is among the worldwide top ten producing aerogenerators; the architecture team Xavier Claramunt, that is producing a prototype of hotel; the mobile technology company Futurlink which has created devices for mobiles to interact using Bluetooth or Wi-fi technology; GTD, a company devoted to the creation of software and system engineering for the aerospace sector and part of the European Ariane-5 project.

Also highlighted have been for example Justinmind, which has created a programme that allows companies to create tailor-made software according to their needs; Leitat, technology centre that offers services to companies willing to innovate; Microjocs, a mobile games design and development company and the professional web design consultancy, Multiplica, which is willing to make web visitors buy and do business.

Finally, among other outstanding examples there is Southwing that designs mobile headphones with bluetooth technology and Telemedicine, a company that makes remote x-ray diagnosis and that, as an innovative company model, works with hospitals in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and Spain. With this technique, the company has succeeded in reducing the number of waiting lists.

22@Barcelona current state
22@Barcelona manager, Pere Fons, has presented, as usual in the 22@Update Breakfast, the last advances of the innovation district. .22@Barcelona already lists more than 300 companies settled and more than 28.000 new employers in the field in Poblenou.. Among the last companies that have landed in the district, there are Vistaprint, Cecot, Couching 40 or the  R+D division of Henkel.

Fons has also highlighted the high advances of the projects that are being developed in 22@Barcelona. .Out of the fifteen projects that have received aids from Cenit, four are located in 22@Barcelona: The I3 Media project led by Mediapro; the Vision project, managed by the I+D Telefónica centre; an Agbar water project and another of Energy..

The Cenit Programme (Consorcis Estratègics Nacionals d.Investigació Tècnica) comprises economic aids that are granted to enterprise associations, technology centres and universities for innovative projects to be developed within a period of four years.

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