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22@Update Breakfast June 2007
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New Technologies applied to the medical sector, focus of this month's 22@Update Breakfast.

22@Barcelona, in collaboration with the leading telemedicine company, Telemedicine Clínic, organized June.s 22@Update Breakfast.

The act was presided over by the President of 22@Barcelona, Miquel Barceló, with the participation of Dr. Lluís Pareras, Director of Innovation, Technology and Project Development at the Spanish Medical Association, who explained the benefits of applying new technologies in medicine and how this innovation creates new business opportunities.

After than, as part of the .Innovator of the month. program, Dr. Henrik Agrell, co-founder and Marketing Director of Telemedicine Clínic, pioneers of the telemedicine field, gave some examples of remote medical diagnosis and follow-up, like home assistance for the elderly or treatment for people living in isolated places or far from health centers.

To finish up, as per usual, the president of 22@Barcelona, Miquel Barceló, presented the news from the 22@Barcelona district.

At this meeting 22@Barcelona helped make people aware of important innovations in the medical field in order to promote their biomedical cluster and encourage the creation and growth of companies related to this sector.  

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