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22@Update Breakfast April 2007
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Energy Secretary General, Ignasi Nieto, commits himself to a future with renewable energy and investigation and research advances.


Joaquín Sánchez, Director of the National Fusion Laboratory, has explained the perspectives of the administrative agency managing the building of the ITER.

Barcelona, 26th April.- The Energy Secretary General, Ignasi Nieto, has explained that the Spanish energy challenge consists in moving towards research and development (R+D) so that renewable energies become manageable. Nieto has participated in the 22@Update Breakfast of April, which has been organized by 22@Barcelona municipal society, along with the b_TEC Foundation (that is promoted by the Campus del Besòs) and the European Fusion Agency that heads the ITER project. The event has been chaired by the 22@Barcelona president, Miquel Barceló.

Nieto has pointed out that biofuel is the great challenge of sustainability, in spite of this renewable source of energy not being worthwhile before eight years. On the other hand, he has maintained that .in the last years we are contributing to the spreading of electric power and to the promotion of alternative energies..

In this sense, he has pointed out that if at the end of the 90.s, just 6% of the energy we were using was renewable, in 2020 .it is agreed to achieve 20% of renewable energy use.. To reach this figure, it is necessary to bear in mind that .Spanish water resources are exhausted, that is why we have to turn to other energies such as biofuel, at the same time moving towards R+D and interconnections..

Ignasi Nieto has emphasized that .future energy politics has to be based on the use of renewable energies and on clean-coal technologies. Furthermore, we have to carry out the European challenge, which consists in being able to produce clean energy from coal..

As far as the current situation of energy is concerned, Ignasi Nieto has said that an unusual case has taken place in Spain regarding energy use due to the fact that .the energy demand in Spain has decreased during the last year.. Nieto remembers that .Spain has always been said to be an energy deficient country, but now it has been proved that it is not like this, since 2006 demand was lower than the one of 2005..  He has also understood it as .quite curious. the fact that .the summer energy peak is getting closer to that of the winter..

As regards to energy politics, Nieto has explained that .the competitiveness, sustainability and safety of provision must be taken into account, that is to say, renewable energies have to become viable..

On the other hand, he remembers that in 2000 natural gas started up producing electric power and that, if power stations are historically meant to be located near resources, .now with gas we have the advantage of taking it closer to consumers and this allows us to avoid any waste in the network.. Nieto has also pointed out that .Spain has 6 power stations of gas enabling us to have a continuous gas supply.. However, the challenge of the future is .to turn to underground warehouses that facilitate the storage of gas when it is cheap to be used when it is more expansive.. 

ITER project
On his behalf, Joaquín Sánchez, Director of the National Fuse Laboratory, has explained the situation and perspectives of the administrative agency that manages the building of the ITER. 

In this sense, he stresses the idea that .it is necessary to study fusion power as a source of energy to be changed into a service. and that .fusion power is based on a nuclear reaction which consists in putting together small nucleuses in order to create bigger ones..

Sánchez has pointed out that .fusion power is not a renewable energy because it uses lithium and because at the end of the fusion process helium is produced and then released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, in finishing its life, the reactor itself becomes a recyclable waste..

Finally, Jaquín Sánchez has informed that the Close Support Unit (the ITER administrative agency) is now to be known as Empresa Comú pel Desenvolupament of the Empresa de Fusió. Furthermore, he has announced that the construction of the nuclear reactor that is being carried out in Cadarache will be finished in 9 years, even when the life of the agency located in Barcelona will be of 35 years.

Innovation in 22@Update Breakfast
As innovation and following with our commitment to applied innovation in the 22@Barcelona district, in this 22@Update Breakfast April edition, it has been possible to ask questions to the speakers by means of mobile messages (SMS) that have been projected on a screen once the presentation concluded. This way, interaction between audience and speakers is promoted. The initiative has been greatly welcomed among participants.

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