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22@Barcelona promotes a project that is aimed at fostering the competitiveness of the Shared Services sector and its associated value chain, especially of ICT solution and product suppliers.

Lately and due to the advances of Information technologies, companies are tending to centralize certain processes, whether this being by means of departments created in big companies or by means of companies that emerge to supply services to others (outsourcing) so as to achieve more profit.

Thus, Shared Services suppliers emerge capable of cutting down the cost of a determined area of the costumers. business. Usually, costumers are big companies subcontracting administrative tasks (finances, HR, costumer service, sales, etc.) to shared services centres.

Catalonia, and especially Barcelona, have already been recognised as important hubs within the offer of shared services and, both the expansion of this business and its trickle-down effect (efficient shared services companies turn their costumers into more efficient) make us consider it to be very significant to develop a project reinforcing the competitiveness of a cluster that is aimed at this sector.

The main goal of this initiative is to reinforce the sector value chain by trying to develop the necessary support services in the 22@Barcelona district (especially those related to internal and financial management programming) so that shared services companies or central services of multinationals have here the best productivity and highest efficiency possible.

Institutional support
The interest 22@Barcelona shows for this sector and for this activity is shared by other institutions and civil services.

On one hand, the Economic Promotion Sector of the Barcelona city council  carries out marketing and communication actions especially aimed at big multinationals that are looking for a location to centralize shared services for their organization. This way and by means of the above-mentioned sector, it has been two years that Barcelona has been participating in the international event of reference of the sector: the Shared Services Week

In the 2006 edition of the Shared Services Week, celebrated in May in Amsterdam, 22@Barcelona participated and provided support to Barcelona Economic Promotion representatives with the goal of gathering in the tendencies of the sector and of confirming the interest shown to promote the shared services cluster of Barcelona.

On the other hand, in April 2006 the Centre for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM)  of the Department of Labour and Industry of the Government of Catalonia published a study entitled .Call-centers at international level: Differential factors of Catalonia in the costumer service field.. In the recommendation section of this study (after carrying out an analysis of the sector at the international level and of the factors that make Catalonia, and in special Barcelona, a competitive location for the settlement of these centres), it is said as regards to shared services centres of big companies:

.This is the model where the study best recommends proactive policies of attraction for Catalonia, provided that Barcelona city would be the most likely location.
In this sense, proactive policies must be organized so as to identify activity sectors and types of companies in which Catalonia could be more interested, to get to know the companies of reference and to take the initiative to contact them by offering Catalonia as a location and by having a portfolio ready with the main advantages of locating the shared services centres in Catalonia versus other locations..

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