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A new model of city
Current state

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Advanced infrastructures
Streets for citizens
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The Special Infrastructure Plan proposes a new organization of land in the district. The backbone network, made up of conduits linking the district with the rest of the city and machinery like phone exchange plants, electrical substations, district heating plants, etc, is located under the roadbed, distributing these utilities throughout the area. These utilities can be accessed through service entrances in each block, which have a minimum of two maintenance rooms (where we find the substations, storage reservoirs.) out of which flow the distribution networks for the block. These distribution networks connect the maintenance rooms with service spaces in each building, where elements like meters are housed. This way, through vertical accesses, utilities reach all floors of the building. The roof of each building houses an area where radio communication services are located.

For street-specific services, like public lighting, and in order to supply existing buildings as well as the blocks still to be refurbished, there is a network of conduits surrounding each block, under the sidewalk. 

Road organization

The 22@Barcelona plan defines a new hierarchy of primary and secondary streets that improves the flow of vehicular traffic and creates areas exclusively for local traffic, resulting in a significant decrease in noise and environmental pollution.


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