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22@Barcelona and the San Martí district have started off the 22@Digital District  Project aimed at the citizens of the district. The Digital District carries out innovative actions in order to foster the use of the new information and communication Technologies in everyday life and to facilitate communication among people. The project also tries to reach other objectives such as for instance:

  • To bring in what Internet and information and communication Technologies offer to several associations and institutions aimed at improving their life and work quality.
  • To make Sant Martí neighbours to be pioneers in integrating new technologies to everyday life.
  • To collaborate with all those associations, companies and institutions of the district committed to social progress. To take advantage of the modern infrastructures offered in the 22@Barcelona district to create new services based on these new technologies.

Members of:

XPCATAPTEIASPCIDEMTCIOpenLivingLabs Living Labs Global

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