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22@Barcelona promotes the interrelation between people and organizations established in the district to aid in forming a community of professionals and students that fosters competitiveness and international projection of the initiative.

Companies that set up in the district can form part of the 22@Network Association of Businesses and Institutions and, at the same time, benefit from corporate consultancy services and the activities that both the association and the 22@Barcelona municipal company organize to consolidate the professional community in the area.

Their work mainly consists of organizing training to promote professional qualification and personal growth; the celebration of various specialized or general-interest professional meetings to further the exchange of ideas and make the birth of cooperation projects possible; personal advisory services for newly arrived workers and companies; and other services that respond to the growth needs of companies in the district.

All this in addition to the high quality of life offered by the district, both for the vitality of its streets as well as its closeness to the main Catalan universities, beaches and entertainment areas of the City of Barcelona, making it the ideal environment for study and work.

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