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Law 30/2007 of October 31 regarding Public Sector Contracts, which supposes the transposition of Directive 2004/18/CE, regulates contracting processes in the Public Sector in order to guarantee that principles of freedom of access to tenders, advertising, procedural transparency and non-discrimination and equal treatment for all candidates are complied with in the undertaking of all activity in the Public Sector.
The aforementioned Public Sector Contracts Law designates two different levels of application. The 22@Barcelona municipal company, as it is considered an adjudicating power and not a public administration, is subject to a medium level of application. This means that the 22@Barcelona company, in all contracts subjected to harmonized regulation (those that surpass the community threshold), will be governed by the Public Sector Contracts Law. Likewise, for contracts that are not subject to harmonized regulation, the Internal Contracting Instructions (ICI), approved by the 22@Barcelona Administrative Board in their meeting on April 25, 2008, will be applied.
The main objective of this section (CONTRACTOR PROFILE) is to guarantee that the stipulations of the Public Sector Contracts Law are followed, particularly those regarding advertising and transparency, providing all information related to the company.s tenders and adjudications.
Anyone who wants more information can contact the Contract Department by phone (+ 34 935 073 500) or email  contractaciopublica.22@bcn.cat

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