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Talent concentration
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It is becoming clearer every day that the concentration of talent is a fundamental element of economic development. In a highly-competitive global economy, the future of cities and companies is intrinsically linked to their capacity to attract and retain qualified professionals in order to face new challenges.

22@Barcelona, by providing a high concentration of knowledge-producing centers and an innovative and dynamic economic fabric, offers a strategic environment in which to develop talent. Through the continued interaction among companies, educational institutions and research parks, 22@Barcelona favors the creation of joint projects with collaboration from young talent and businesses, allowing them to profit from the knowledge generated.

Through the district's 22@Staying in company program the best students are made available to companies located in 22@Barcelona in order to attract, retain and connect local and international talent.

The main Catalan universities have already warmly received the 22@Barcelona district, as well as several training, Research and Development and technological transfer centres.

From the new knowledge infrastructures of the 22@Barcelona district, we could highlight:
the new Campus de la Comunicació de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the new seu de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Universitat de Barcelona (IL·3) training centre, the Campus Tecnològic i Empresarial de Barcelona - Energy Cluster (b_TEC), BAU - High School of Design, School of Professional & Executive Development (UPC) and several initiatives for the concentration of innovation and R+D centres, among others.

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