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Who we are
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The municipal society 22 ARROBA BCN, S.A.U.,  was created in 2000 by Barcelona City Council with the aim to promote and manage the foreseen transformation for 22@Barcelona project, that includes the creation of more than 4.000.000 m² of new land, reurbanization of 35 Km. of streets and will provide approximately 220.000m² of land for new public facilities and green spaces and new homes under social housing regime in the old industrial areas of the centre of the city.  
At the same time, the municipal society is determined to promote the institution and development of strategic contents in these newly created spaces facilitating the international projection of the new business, scientific, education and cultural activity of the area.

22@Barcelona society is a network-like organization, on the one hand because of its strict organization, the human team working in 22@Barcelona municipal company, and on the other, because of the real organization, the thousands of people that somehow contribute from one of their multiple professional activities coming together in the project.

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